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OWCAP Just Got a Website Makeover

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6 years ago

OWCAP needed some serious love on their website. Their old website was built waaaaay back in the day, and they wanted their site mobile, editable, and attractive. 


We thought Inverse would be a nice theme that we could customize to suit their needs. And customize we did! :)


The Home page incorporated a carousel (yep, you can add a rotating carousel with our Add a Square feature) where they can add pictures as their content changes.  Any user can add a carousel to their website.

OWCAP provides a substantial number of files for people to access.  Our file upload feature allows people to add and link files for their site visitors to access.


We incorporated the files uploaded into table charts on the sidebar. The information is organized so it’s easy for them to

OWCAP has some pretty awesome partners that help make families and individuals become more self sufficient.  We wanted them to be showcased at all times, so we added a great rotating feature near the footer, that the OWCAP team can continue to add upon as their sponsors grow.


They of course, work with a diverse group of people, so we integrated a Google Translate feature in the header.  This allows people access the information they need, in the language they can understand.

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