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Bach Homes Is a Home Building Expert, but We Are Website Building Experts!

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6 years ago

Bach Homes came to us, looking to reconstruct their company home building website. They didn’t need a lot of graphic design work on this website, because they had imagery that spoke for themselves! 

They provided some really wonderful banners that immediately gives a site visitor the confidence that Bach Homes knows what they’re doing.

Bach Homes After:

Bach Homes Before:


This site has a lot of visuals as well as important information. Buying a home is one of THE most expensive investments you’ll ever make.  Bach Homes recognizes this and wanted to give lots of information to inquiring home buyers.

Specifically, Bach wanted to improve upon their existing website by developing their home plans section. Bach Homes wants to showcase all of their incredible home plans so a potential home buyer can see not only the look and feel but search based on their family’s home needs.  This page allows site users the functionality to narrow down their home specs in the search on the left hand side.  They can search for homes that are only rambler style, with 3 bedrooms, and more than 3,000+ square feet. 


Once someone has found a house they are interested in, they can select the home they want to see plans to.  Not only that, but they can share the home and get feedback by sharing it on their social media:


Bach wanted a cool feature on their communities page, that populated all their Homes/Townhome communities.  They can see an eagle eye view of the properties.  As they continue to expand, they will just need to add in the new latitudes/longitudes to their map.


After a user selects the property they want to see, they can find out more about the community home plans and the selling agent.  Bach Homes can continue to add tabs as their communities and features evolve.


We added that mapping feature to their Rental Communities that span the US.  Again, they can adjust that as they continue to grow.


This site turned out great, and we are so pleased with the final result, both on a desktop or smartphone.


If you get excited about a home you may want to invest in, you’ll probably want to share a URL to your family and loved ones, for feedback or encouragement…having a mobile-responsive website is key for that. 

Contact the website building pros.  We are available via chat, calling us at 801-386-9828, and through our site, of course!